Back, with sprinkles

It has been over a year since I last posted here; recently any urges toward online communication have been funnelled into FB, instagram, and my teaching weblogs. I have periodically thought that I really should, that it is certainly time to, that it has been too long, but those impulses have always passed. Now, however, we may be at that point. The pandemic has meant that we are all more and more online, but it has also meant that my teaching has also moved online, and so I have given up my blogs in favour of fuller-featured teaching software supported by my uni. Which is fine as far as it goes; we can do a lot more than we could with a traditional blog, such as groups, chats, &c. But it also means that I have nowhere to park any interesting tidbits or bon mots. So, this nascent blog will now be repurposed as a general-purpose, safe-for-work, literature and culture blog with my students as the main intended audience.

Or at least that is the plan.

And what my students shall think of it, we shall see.