• resources


    Please visit Mrs. Spectator’s Commonplace Book for more resources than you ever thought you needed. Copybooks, calligraphy, eighteenth-century resources, SFF: it’s around here somewhere. Image: Detail from a line engraving of the interior of the Bodleian Library by J. Le Keux after F. Mackenzie. 1836. #V0014204 Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images. Copyrighted work available under…

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  • timelines


    None of these timelines are finished, though some are more complete than others. They are intended either for teaching — at least one incorporates student work — or as research aids. They were all made with Tiki-Toki. Follow the links below to visit the corresponding timeline in one of two ways: without leaving this site,…

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  • calligraphy


    More to come: Image: Miriam Jones. Detail, Untitled, 2018. Mixed-media collage.

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